Hotel regulations and rules

Dear Our Guests!

The staff of Toldi Inn*** do their jobs with the utmost commitment in order to make your stay and rest in our hotel as satisfactory as possible in every aspect, according to your expectations. Therefore in the case of room booking, we ask you to notice and observe the following below, please.

The Hotel Rules apply to all guests staying in Toldi Inn***

1. Opening times

  • Reception: 0-24
  • Breakfast: 07:00-10:00 am
  • Restaurant, drink bar: 11.00-22:00
  • Wellness section: 07:00-21:00

2. From arrival to departure

  • Check-in is possible until 14:00
  • For one room one key can be provided. We suggest leaving the room key at the reception. In the case of losing it, we charge extra fees.
  • Booked rooms are available to be occupied until 18:00. We ask you to let us know in advance if you arrive later than this time, please.
  • Hotel registration forms must be filled in with real data in order that the tourism tax can be determined exactly.
  • Leaving rooms: until 11 a.m. on the day of departure.
  • On failure of the guest to vacate the room on expiry or period the management shall have the right to charge 50% of the current daily room price until 14:00.
  • After 14:00 100% of the current daily room price will be charged.
  • In the case of half-board service, it begins with dinner on the day of arrival, and finishes with breakfast on the day of departure. In order to have dinner, please, present the half-board coupon to the staff!
  • In the hotel rooms only guests registered on arrival can stay. Visitors can be welcomed in the hall.
  • After departure the rooms are checked. The guest will be held responsible financially for any damage to the hotel property noticed after departure.

3. Hotel rules

  • Disturbing other guests’ quiet hours between 22:00 and 06:00 is prohibited!
  • SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the building of the hotel and on the terraces of the rooms. Outside it, it is possible at the designated places according to the law.
  • Equipment of the rooms and the hotel must not be taken out of its premises.
  • On the premises of the hotel under 18s cannot drink alcohol.
  • The devices of the hotel must be used properly.
  • Electronic devices can be taken to watery areas (swimming pool, wellness) only one’s own risk.
  • In the case of any damage caused, it must be reimbursed by the causer or its lawful representative.

4. Security

  • In the public areas of the hotel electronic surveillance system is installed with the aim of providing safety and security services.
  • We only take responsibility for our guests’ valuables if they are placed in the safe, which is free of charge, at the reception.
  • Lost properties have to be handed over at the reception!
  • Fire safety and security regulations have to be kept by every guest!
  • The causer or its lawful representative takes financial responsibility for any damage caused because of the usage, without just cause, of the manual fire-alarm appliances placed in the building of the hotel.
  • In the room it is prohibited to store any flammable materials or explosives, or operate coffeemakers, electric kettles or any other electric machines brought from home!
  • Please, after arrival, read the further fire safety rules in the information folder in the room!

5. Pets

  • Pets, smaller dogs or cats, are permitted in the hotel rooms at an extra fee of price of 1500 Ft/night/pet.
  • Pets are not permitted in wellness section of the hotel.
  • Walking of pets are not permitted in the garden of the hotel.

6. Parking

  • In the car park next to the hotel guests have to take notice of the painted parking places while parking.
  • In the area next to the main entrance parking is prohibited due to security reasons
  • Please, let the routes used by the hotel staff and entrances free!

7. Cancellation policy

The amount of charges in the case of cancellation:

  • cancellations made within 72 hours prior to the arrival will incur a 30% charge of the price of the first night
  • cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the arrival will incur a 50% charge of the price of the first night
  • cancellations made within 24 hours prior to the arrival will incur a 100% charge of the price of the first night
  • in the case of booking 3 or more rooms, cancelations made 20 days prior to the arrival will not incur any charge of the price, after this date, a 50% charge of the price of the first night will be incurred

Finally, we ask our kind Guests to inform us at the reception about any of your observations in connection with the operation of the hotel, the hotel room or other guests’ behaviour in order that we can solve these problems in a most effective way. We cannot deal with observations announced afterwards effectively. We thank you for your co-operation.

We wish you a very pleasant stay at our hotel!

Yours in hospitality,

toldi subscription

managing director


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