In the salt room salty air is guaranteed by Himalayan salt brick. The constant temperature is 18-23 C°. Refreshing air is ensured through airing in every hour!

Our dear guests can rest comfortably listening to relaxing music and reading. It is the most effective method for treating respiratory illnesses (Croup, asthma, bronchitis, coughing, allergy, COPD)!

We also recommend this therapy to our guests because it:
- boosts the immune system
- increases ability of endurance
- helps clean pollution got into the lungs through cigarette smoke and smog.

By inhaling salty air, airwaves are cleaned, and the infectious centres disappear from the body. Through applying salt therapy the general physical and biochemical condition of the body can be bettered, by the effect of which peripheral circulation increases and the immune system strengthens. The climate of the room stimulates the activity of respiratory organs and the self-cleaning of bronchia, through which the inflammation of the mucous membrane decreases.

It is guaranteed that it provides a better life quality!

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