The sauna cabin is a room made from north pine, which is heated up to 80-100 °C through heating volcanic rocks. The sauna, the pursuit of healthy lifestyle and relaxation are more and more widespread.

As a result of the hot air, the body temperature increases and the blood vessels open up. The usage of the experience shower or pool has a reverse effect causing improvement of blood circulation.

During the usage of the sauna the regenerating ability of the body improves, the skin becomes more elastic, sebaceous glands are emptied. While being in the sauna, metabolism speeds up, it has stress, tension relief and detoxification effects, it cleans your airways, and it is blood vessels and skin exercise for the body.

Advantages of pouring water: sweating is more intensive, detoxification and boosting of the immune system, excellent skin carer, great for cellulite, cleans airways, blood vessels exercise, and fantastic against arteriosclerosis. Oils improve passages of airwaves, boost the blood supply of skin and muscle tissues, they have pain alleviation, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and relaxant effects. Scents have great effects on our nerve system. Tired and dry skin gets refreshed during sauna sessions.

We welcome our dear guests who wish to relax in our 10-person Finnish sauna where You can pamper body.

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